Manisel started back in 1997 as a raw peanut production, industrialization and trading Company. Since then, Manisel has developed working structures, trained personnel, implemented new technologies, designed business strategies which have paved the way to become one of today’s leading Peanut exporters in Argentina.  

Over the years, the Company has made important improvements and changes thanks to its growth mindset, starting out with a strong agricultural background, good stocking conditions and later incorporating drying processes and storage for shelled peanuts.

Manisel’s commitment is to continually improve and invest in quality from sowing to final product delivery to customers around the world.   

Currently Manisel has a plant for raw peanut selection and three plants for peanut blanching in the town of Pasco, Córdoba, Argentina.

Pasco is a little town in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina with around 1500 inhabitants.

This Little town was set up by Italian immigrants and that is why the Italian culture is still very strong among its people today.

Our Vision:

To deliver a premium product to our customers and hence, become the leading peanut exporters in the country.